About Us

The Story Behind PeerPack

December 2016, we met over a drink to celebrate the holidays. We were old friends, graduate students from the same university and colleagues in the same tech company for several years before life happened and sent us each on his own path in different countries and domains.

Georges had just moved from France to Dubai to pursue a new challenge in his career. He was traveling back and forth between Dubai and Beirut providing tech services to David's department. We grabbed the opportunity to purchase online items and ship them to Georges’ address in Dubai so he can bring them to Lebanon for us. By doing so, we were saving a good amount of money and time.

So when we met on that day, we noticed that what Georges was doing for us can be generalized to become a public service. And that's how PEERPACK was born.

So What is PEERPACK?

PEERPACK is a Peer-to-Peer shipping platform that allows you to:

  • Rent your luggage space and earn money or lower your travel cost
  • Ship your packages locally or internationally with trusted carriers for the lowest cost possible


Our goal is to dramatically reduce the cost of international travel by disrupting a stagnant, multi-billion dollar shipping industry.

Any person who is looking to ship personal goods, can search for a traveler going from one place to another and try to buy from him a space in his luggage. That person will be able to receive his package in a short period for a low cost, and the traveler will be able to gain money by selling unused space in his luggage.


PEERPACK uses the most advanced security techniques to make sure that you receive the service you want. Our security team monitors 24/7 all our traffic and is ready to intervene to support or to prevent any activity spotted as suspicious.